summer camp forms and information

July 14-20, 2024 -  Contact your Troop Committee Chair to register today!
Gerber Scout Reservation

GSR Summer Camp Information Packet   
Use these packing checklists, camp schedule, rules, policies, and other important information to get prepared for an adventure of a lifetime!

GSR Merit Badge Schedule - Sign ups begin on March 17th!
Consult with your Scoutmaster and/or Assistant Scoutmasters for the badges you want to learn about. Use the sheet found in the Summer Camp Information Pack to make a plan. 

GSR Merit Badge Catalog - coming spring 2024 
Be prepared. Use the time between March 17th and July 13th to work on the special requirements and prerequisites for each of your merit badges. Consult with  your Troop Committee Chair for a list of requirements.

Health Form ABC
Scouts and adults attending camp must complete all sections of this form and have part C signed by a qualified physician. Please turn in two (2) copies of these forms in to the Committee Chair no later than April 1st. Don't forget to include a copy of your insurance card (front and back) and current immunizations as well.

Drug Administration Sheet
If your scout (or you) will take over-the-counter or prescription medication at camp, please fill out this form and give it to the camp Health Officer with the medication on Sunday before the group departs from Mayflower.  All medication must be in their original containers. 

DHS Clearance Request
Adults attending summer camp must have DHS clearance: email application to, and request either an email or paper letter in response. Committee Chair will collect two (2) copies of your final paperwork.  

membership requirements

Youth Protection Training
The BSA and Troop 271 take youth safety very seriously.
All adults who participate in youth activities are required to complete Youth Protection Training every two years.

Membership Registration and Troop Dues
Explanation of costs to be  a yearly member. Adults attending campouts are required to be a member. 

Scout and Parent Handbook
(Almost) everything you need to know about Troop 271.

eagle resources